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About NRGreen Power

An increased demand for electricity and heightened environmental awareness has created an opportunity for independent power producers to contribute to the electric grid by developing new alternative energy generating facilities.

NRGreen Power Limited Partnership ("NRGreen") is involved in the commercial development of electrical generation opportunities associated with the Canadian portion of the Alliance Pipeline natural gas system by recovering and converting waste heat at compressor stations and generating it into electricity.

Under a long-term (20-year) power agreement with SaskPower, NRGreen Power has constructed four waste heat power generation units in Saskatchewan. Each of the four units produces approximately 5 megawatts of power – enough energy to power the equivalent of approximately 5,000 homes.

NRGreen Power will be adding a fifth waste heat recovery unit to be built at Alliance's Windfall compressor station near Whitecourt, Alberta. The Whitecourt Recovered Energy Project is designed to generate 14 MW of electricity per hour, with no new emissions or water use.


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